What We Do

  • Find tenants for my property (includes sign on the building & advertising on the internet,)
  • Show the property to prospective tenants & complete application forms with them.
  • Qualify potential tenants & perform credit checks and verify tenant references (personal & employment).

-Landlord to review & verify application / lease / tenant approval & meet tenant if required.

  • Raise leases, secure 1st & last month’s rents and confirm utilities are in the tenants name as needed.
  • Collect the rents in a timely manner on a monthly bases & issue rent increases as necessary.
  • Prepare monthly statements & Deposit funds into my account on the 10th of the month by electronic transfer to Landlords account.
  • Oversee any small & minor repairs at the landlords expense using FLPM sourced & supervised contractors and handymen. All repairs projected above $ 300 to be estimated ( 2 sources minimum) and approved by Landlord first ( Except emergency repairs to heat / water / hydro)
  • Charge & collect utilities if split between tenants & Pay utility bills as needed
  • Deal with all tenant issues & be the only point of contact for all matters that may arise
  • Preform periodic visual inspection of the property at least once every 6 months with once a year Fire/Co2 alarm check & change entrance door batteries plus optional building inspector walk through.
  • Process any lease renewals
  • Additionally attend, as necessary, the Landlord Tenant Board hearings for simple matters such as non- payment of rent.


Our Fees:

  • 8% for gross rents a month + HST Single home or unit
  • 7% for gross rents a month +HST 4 units or more
  • 6% for gross rents a month +HST 10 units or more