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Introducing a truly full service Property Management Service that works with property investors to ensure they are receiving the maximum return on their investment

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Rory owner of Richmond Properties since 1999 with now a dozen investment buildings, took on a full time property manager in 2014, Tammy Lawless, to look after his portfolio as he was too busy in his own Real Estate career to give the focus needed for management. Involved in passionately selling investment properties for the last 20 years, Rory could see everyone wants to buy an investment property but many hesitate at the idea of having to manage them. On the contrary Rory saw many owners sell a good investment property to rid themselves of a difficult situation when in fact professional management help would have solved the issue. The opportunity to serve these existing and prospective landlords cemented Rory’s belief that the management of properties was not being served well enough in his area.

FLPM was incorporated in May 2016 to serve as a full management company to fulfil the tremendous need to help fellow property owners manage their investment properties and tenants. Tammy, now a seasoned Property Manager, has been looking after landlords portfolios since then and giving them the missing service needed to run smoothly and efficiently.

FLPM has been growing every year by about 50% and manages some 180 units 4 years on with a mix of various investment properties for clients. We have an office in Tottenham Ontario which places us in the middle of our core area of South Simoce / Dufferin / North York & Peel. FLPM is planning to expand more as the demand keeps coming on from new and existing clients with a new assistant property manager Linda Rossi recently joining the team.


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Property Investor

Mark W

I didn’t want the hassle of interviewing potential tenants so I turned to Frontline Property Management. They are easy to work with, great value for money and they managed to rent my property for more than I expected. Tammy knows her stuff and responds quickly to questions or concerns. Looking forward to a long and successful working relationship.

Property Investor

Matt B

I have used Frontline Property Management’s services. They have been low in cost, friendly and communicative. Frontline Property Management has been excellent to work with in all aspects. They introduced themselves to the tenants. They kept the cost of maintenance low and collected in full any arrears. The lines of communication were always open via email and on the phone. I never had a vacant unit and the turn over costs were really low! They had their own specialized contractors at their disposal. I had very little work to do for both of my multi residential properties. I will continue to use them in the future and will recommend to anyone who wants to have no worry with their properties being managed efficiently.

Property Investor

Joe E

I have been using Frontline Property Management for my 6 residential and 2 commercial building since November 2016. I have found Frontline to be efficient in collecting rents, fixing minor and major issues and for making the property run smoothly. When they took over they filled 2 vacancies and made sure the current tenants pay their rent on time. All residential arrears have been collected and the unit has been taken care of. I would recommend them for any property management needs.